Fun Games to Make Kids Smile


Finding fun and educational games online have never been easier. There is something out there for any subject and any learner to have fun with. There are also tons of great games online that are really just there to make you smile. Here we’ve collected for you a bunch of our favorite games and activities. Whether you are looking for a game to support what you are learning in class, or if you’re just looking for a fun game to relax with, these games are sure to make you smile today!

Space and Science-centric Games 

Space-out and have some out-of-this-world fun with space and science games online.

Money, Coin and Cash Games 

The U.S. Mint provides a bunch of free educational games geared towards helping you learn about money and counting.

Lose a Million Bacteria 

This TV game show style game teaches us all about germs and bacteria.

Girls Health – Body Basics 

This quiz can help to better understand your knowledge of the body. It is a great way to learn more about what makes us tick and how to stay healthy.

You Can Get to Know it All, Too, with Mr. Nose-It-All 

It is important to understand your allergies and how to best stay healthy and safe. Mr. Nose-It-All has a ton of fun videos, puzzles, and games to help you remember it all.

Career-Related Games and Quizzes 

There are so many different careers to explore out there. Use these games and activities to see which might interest you in the future.

Educational Computer Games for Kids 

Grouped by skills and grades, these games can help you to remember the lessons you are learning in class. Vocabulary Game 

This is a cool vocabulary game that also lets you do some good by donating food to people in need.

Letter Fun and Language Arts 

These ELA games are great for practice and feature so many cool themes.

Your Favorite Character Games from PBS Online 

Learning is more fun with friends and this is a collection of some of your favorite PBS friends and they are ready to help you learn.

Nick Character Games 

More character fun can be had thanks to Nick! Your favorite Nickelodeon characters have tons of fun and silliness to share!

Disney and More has so many different and fun games hosted by popular Disney characters.

Fisher-Price Online Games and Activities for Young Learners 

These online learning games for little learners are great to practice basic skills.

Wise Pocket Money and Financial Games 

This four different money and earning games can help you to better understand the principles of finance at any age.

Economics and Monetary Policy 

Economics can be complicated. This online activity can better show you how changes in monetary policies can impact the economy.

Shake it up with Earthquake Games 

This collection of animated earthquake terms and concepts can help you better understand how the earth moves under your feet.

Oral Health Games and Activities 

These themed activity sheets are all about our teeth and dental health.

Disaster Master! 

Play this disaster preparedness game and beat new levels to learn how to stay safe when disaster strikes.

Online Crossword Games 

If you love crossword puzzles, this page is for you! There are tons of different crosswords here to keep you thinking and having fun. Find a subject you like and get started.

Play with Your Food! Activity Sheets and Games 

You are never too old to play with your food when you have these fun foodie games and activity sheets.

Draw, Color and Paint Online 

Save the mess and still have fun with different media. Create something fun and uniquely special.

Your Move. Online Chess Games 

Play chess online against the computer or a friend. Chess games teach patience and focus.

Fun Phonics Games 

These fun phonics games help to reinforce important skills to young learners.

Universal Kids Games 

Play a game with some of your favorite Universal Kids characters.

Nick Jr. Online Games 

Little learners will have fun playing with some of their favorite Nick Jr. characters. With a little help, they can learn and have fun at the same time.


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