Sedation Options

When faced with the prospect of undergoing a dental procedure, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious or apprehensive. Don’t worry: We offer a range of safe and effective methods to ease or eliminate any potential discomfort or distress on your part, including local anesthesia, oral sedation, nitrous oxide and I.V. sedation dentistry.

  • Local Anesthesia – Injections of local anesthetics such as Novocain block the nerves to a specific area of your mouth during treatment. Typically a topical anesthetic is applied to your mouth to prevent or lessen the pain associated with the injection. 
  • Oral Sedation – Used with a local anesthetic, sedative drugs are administered orally before your appointment begins to put you in a relaxed state. We offer a number of oral sedation alternatives in either pill or capsule form.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Commonly known as laughing gas, this treatment places you in a deeply relaxed state. This method will not knock you out or put you to sleep. You will remain conscious and responsive at all times – you just won’t feel any pain and likely won’t remember the procedure. You will experience a very relaxed state of consciousness.
  • Intravenous Sedation (or I.V. Sedation) – A safe, successful method for calming nerves, a sedative is administered in conjunction with a local anesthetic. You will remain awake but won’t feel any pain and likely won’t remember what happened during the procedure. Even though the effects of the sedation should wear off in about an hour, you may feel a little groggy or disoriented at first so be sure to have someone drive you home. 
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