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Pink, healthy gums frame and support your teeth, giving you a healthy smile that boosts self-confidence. If your gums are less than healthy, call our periodontics office today for a complete check up.

However, healthy gums are not a given. About half of all Americans over the age of 30 suffer from chronic gum disease. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, noted by red, swollen gums that bleed during brushing and flossing. If gingivitis is treated, you can avoid long-term damage to your gums and teeth. If it isn’t treated, it develops into periodontitis. With periodontitis, gums separate from teeth and begin to form little pockets at and below the gum line where bacteria can collect. That bacteria then attacks the tooth’s root and its ligaments and supportive bone. With these structures weakened, teeth loosen and can fall out.

To save your teeth and gums, seek the help of a periodontist who is a gum disease expert. Periodontists have two or three years of extra training to master gum disease treatment. They also gain expertise in other procedures such as the placement and repair of dental implants and gum contouring.

We’re honored to help restore your gums to good health. Give us a call at (786) 590-1421, and we will schedule your appointment with our periodontist in Miami.

In Which Field Does a Periodontist Specialize?

A periodontist is a gum disease specialist who treats conditions that affect the soft gum tissue. Periodontics in Miami typically offer a number of specialized periodontal services. Here are a few of the treatments and procedures you can expect to find from a gum disease expert:

Periodontal disease treatment

Treatment for periodontal disease can take many forms, depending on the severity of your own case. Plaque and the bacteria it harbors is sticky and can be difficult for you to remove on your own. Plaque build-up can force gums to separate from the teeth, creating pockets below the gum line that collect even more damaging bacteria. If your dentist has already performed root planing and scaling, but your gum disease persists, your periodontist may perform more extensive treatments to restore your gum health.

Dental Implant Placement

Many patients are now choosing dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Dental implants are natural looking and secure, and they provide a variety of oral health benefits. With an implant, a post is embedded in the jawbone, and a crown is attached to the post. This same post can also anchor a bridge or dentures if more than one tooth needs replacement.

Crown Lengthening

Occasionally, a tooth is so decayed or broken that a replacement crown cannot fit snugly to what is left of the surface of the tooth’s natural crown. When this is the case, patients may need a crown lengthening procedure that reduces the amount of soft gum tissue around the tooth. This lengthens the tooth and allows periodontists to secure a replacement crown to the tooth. The procedure can also be a cosmetic solution to teeth that have too much gum tissue around them.

Gummy Smile Surgery

If you feel like your smile shows too much gum and not enough tooth, gummy smile surgery may be an option for you. Our periodontist corrects the appearance of excess gum tissue by reshaping the gum line. This allows more of your natural teeth to show, giving you a natural, flattering smile.

Soft tissue graft/Gum graft

Sometimes, gum recession is so severe that the roots of affected teeth are exposed. This exposure often causes tooth sensitivity and leaves teeth even more vulnerable to decay. Your periodontist can help ease that sensitivity, and protect your teeth from future decay and bone loss by performing a gum grafting procedure that covers the exposed areas.

Oral pathology and oral cancer diagnosis

Oral cancer is an increasing problem, especially cancer cases associated with HPV infections. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, our periodontist will take tissue samples from suspect areas and have them analyzed by a qualified lab. From there, our periodontist will outline potential treatment methods.

Whether you are being treated for gum disease or oral cancer, your comfort during treatment is important. Our periodontist is trained in several sedation techniques, including nitrous oxide, and is happy to talk with you about sedation options.

Call for a Consultation with Gum Disease Specialist in Miami

When gum disease is impairing your smile and health, it is time to call us for periodontics services. Our gum disease experts are ready to help you combat the effects of gum disease, and our staff is always here to answer your questions. Call us today at (786) 590-1421 to schedule your appointment with our periodontist in Miami to get started on restoring your healthy smile.

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