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Oral Surgery in Cutler Bay, FL

What Does Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Include?

Oral and maxillofacial surgery includes many different procedures, from surgical wisdom tooth extraction to dental implants and corrective jaw surgery. Oral surgery itself usually refers to treatments performed inside the mouth. Maxillofacial surgery includes most jaw and facial surgical treatments, while orthognathic surgery encompasses treatments that address jaw and mouth misalignment.

A referral from your dentist may leave you wondering, “Where can I go for dental surgery near me?” You simply need to give us a call for the answer to that question. Our highly trained oral surgeons are adept at all dental surgery procedures, ready to help you enjoy a happy and healthy smile again.

Oral Surgery Services: What Can I Expect to Find?

We provide a full range of surgical services and treatments, including:

Tooth Extractions

Pulling teeth is often necessary to restore your oral health or to prepare your mouth for dental or orthodontic appliances. If you have such severe tooth decay that the tooth cannot be saved, your oral surgeon may recommend a tooth extraction. Extraction may also be advisable if your tooth is affecting the alignment of other teeth. Some of the factors that determine your tooth extraction cost include your insurance coverage and the location of your extracted tooth.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Oral cancer symptoms vary widely. Some patients experience no symptoms, while others may feel like they have a lump in their throat or unexplained ear or oral pain. Your dental professional will provide a routine oral cancer screening as part of your exam. If abnormal patches of tissue, lumps, or lesions are observed, your oral surgeon may biopsy the tissue for analysis. Fortunately, oral cancer can be treated, and early oral cancer detection provides the best options for treatment and a positive oral cancer prognosis.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases such as oral cancer and conditions such as canker sores, salivary stones, and palatal cysts. Our oral surgeons are skilled at diagnosing and treating these diseases, whether the condition simply requires a course of antibiotics or it calls for surgery and other complex treatments.


Sedation is an important part of our practice, helping us to ensure our patients’ comfort and relaxation throughout surgeries, such as dental implant procedures and tooth extractions. Our oral surgeon is highly skilled in delivering sedation, whether it’s through medication or an IV. Unless general anesthesia is used, patients remain awake while under sedation. You can find out more about our sedation services by calling our office today.

Sinus Lift

If your upper jaw isn’t deep enough to support a dental implant, or if your sinuses are too close to your jawbone, your oral surgeon may recommend that you have a sinus lift procedure. During the procedure, your oral surgeon will raise your sinus membrane, allowing room for bone to be added to the upper jaw. Sinus lifts are relatively common procedures, designed to keep your sinuses protected from the insertion of a dental implant post into your jawbone.

Can I Schedule A Consultation for Oral or Jaw Surgery?

Your dentist or primary care provider will recommend a variety of treatments for you, depending on your oral health needs. If your health care professional refers you to an oral surgeon, you don’t have to wonder, “Where can I find high-quality dental surgery near me?” Simply call us to schedule a consultation for oral surgery in Cutler Bay. We will guide you through your treatment options and outline your care plan for before, during, and after your surgery.

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