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Full Dentures & Partial Dentures in Homestead, FL

Do you need to remove a decayed or damaged tooth? You can avoid leaving a gap in your smile by getting a full or partial denture in Homestead.

Dentures: What Are They?

When you lose teeth your appearance might change because it alters the structure of your mouth. It also makes it tougher to speak and eat. We can fix these issues by making customized dentures for you. These appliances consist of a permanent implant or removable frame that has fake teeth attached. We shape and enhance the color of the artificial teeth to match your real ones.

In addition, these devices support your facial structure. They can last for many years with proper care, so they are a great investment for your dental health.

Which Denture Type Is Affordable and High Quality?

Many different denture devices are available. Our dentists can help you determine which one fits your needs. Below are a few options for affordable quality dentures.

What Are Full or Complete Dentures?

Also known as a full denture, a complete denture replaces the missing teeth on your lower or upper jaw. When a few of your teeth remain where you plan to wear the appliance, our dentists will remove them first. After you’ve had time to heal, we’ll fit you for a removable or permanent appliance. A removable one sits on your jaw, while a permanent one requires a surgical anchor.

How Does a Partial Denture Work?

Partial dentures let you keep healthy teeth but replace one or more missing teeth. They use a bridge-like structure with one or multiple crowns and clips that slip over your natural teeth on either side. This appliance is removable and you must clean it each night.

Flexible Partial Dentures: What Are They?

Rather than use metal clips and a rigid base like a traditional partial denture, flexible partial dentures use lightweight materials. Their flexibility allows them to bend with your mouth to ensure a more comfortable fit. The materials are also gum-colored, so others are less likely to see them.

What’s an Implant-Supported Denture?

Rather than sitting on your gums, implant-supported dentures are secured in your mouth by implants. You can get a removable or permanent set. The number of implants you’ll need depends on your situation.

Ball-retained and bar-retained are the removable, implant-supported denture options. Ball-retained ones use ball-shaped metal sockets and attachments to connect the implants. Bar-retained ones use a metal bar with clips to connect with five implants at most.

The permanent variety is also called a fixed denture, and it is securely attached to two, four, or more implants. It always stays on your teeth, so you can eat, smile, and talk as you do with natural teeth.

How Do All-on-4® Dentures Work?

The All-on-4® concept is similar to implant-supported dentures. However, it uses four Nobel Biocare implants, two of which sit at an angle for more stability. It also provides a more natural bite.

Getting a Denture: What’s the Process?

The process to get dentures in Homestead takes various steps based on your dental health and the type of denture that you choose. Our dentists will make impressions and record teeth measurements to ensure your denture will fit correctly. They’ll also extract any diseased teeth and give you a temporary denture until your mouth heals. When you return to our office, you will receive your denture and the dentist will adjust it as necessary. Call us to learn more.

How Much Are Dentures?

How much your dentures cost depends on the type of denture that you select and the cost of materials. The amount of treatment that you need beforehand and your insurance coverage are also factors. Call our office in Homestead for a consultation and comprehensive estimate.

What’s a Denture Soft Reline?

Instead of using hard acrylic lining, a soft denture reline adjusts your lining with a soft material. It can reduce denture pain and remain pliable for up to two years.

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