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Periodontics in Homestead, FL

Having healthy gums translates to better health overall, and having unhealthy gums can negatively affect your health. Unfortunately, gum disease is a real problem in the United States and around the world. The Centers for Disease Control reports that one of every two Americans over the age of 30 has periodontal disease. That incidence of the disease is even greater among senior populations with more than 70 percent of all adults 65 and older suffering from gum disease.

The good news is that early gum disease, gingivitis, can be treated, warding off permanent damage to your teeth and gums. If the disease is not resolved, the infection can worsen and become a chronic gum disease called periodontitis. With periodontitis, the infection harms soft tissue in the mouth and eventually destroys the bones that hold teeth in place. As the disease progresses, teeth become loose, they move around, and they eventually fall out. In fact, gum disease is the chief cause of adult tooth loss.

Even after gum disease has advanced to periodontitis, your periodontist can work to combat the effects of periodontitis. That’s because your periodontist in Homestead has extensive training in gum disease management. Periodontists are also experts in dental implant surgery and gum contouring.

You don’t have to suffer from periodontitis. Schedule a consultation with our periodontist today by calling (305) 692-0017.

What Services Are Provided by a Periodontist?

If you are looking for periodontics in Homestead, our dental office provides a number of periodontal services that will treat and manage diseases affecting your gum tissue. A qualified gum disease specialist can review specific services at your consultation, but we list a few common services below:

Periodontal disease treatment

While some patients may think that gum disease is relatively harmless, it is anything but harmless. Gum disease can severely damage your teeth as well as the ligaments and jawbone that hold those teeth in place. Your gum disease specialist offers several different treatment options to help repair your gums and improve your overall oral health. Rest assured that your gum disease expert will work with you to find the treatment that best addresses the severity of your gum disease.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular solution to tooth loss. These natural-looking tooth replacements use a titanium post to anchor a crown or bridge. The post is embedded into the jaw, so the implant is secure enough to allow normal eating habits. Dental implants are also some of the longest lasting tooth replacements, with some lasting as long as 25 years.

Crown Lengthening

Crowns are an important restorative appliance for patients whose teeth are broken or misshapen. If the natural tooth is broken near the gum line or if it is covered by too much gum tissue, a crown lengthening procedure may be necessary. During the procedure, the periodontist will reshape the tooth bone and gum tissue so that more of the natural tooth is exposed. This allows the periodontist to fit the crown over the tooth more tightly and securely. The procedure can also be used to create more surface for attaching partial dentures or as a cosmetic solution to excess gum tissue.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Some people have excess gum tissue that obscures part of their teeth and dims their smiles. Luckily, gummy smiles can be reformed with gum contouring. During this gummy smile surgery, your periodontist reshapes the gum, revealing more of your pearly whites and giving you a more flattering smile.

Soft tissue graft/Gum graft

Gum recession can be harmful to your overall oral health, leaving tooth roots exposed to decay and sensitivity, and leading to bone loss. Gum grafting can help stem the side effects of gum recession and help improve gum and tooth health by helping to develop gum tissue where it is absent.

Oral pathology and oral cancer diagnosis

Tobacco use and HPV infection are closely linked to new oral cancer diagnoses, and oral cancer is increasing dramatically in the U.S. Your periodontist can play an important part in your oral cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Sedation can help keep you comfortable and relaxed during treatments at a periodontics office. Our periodontist will talk with you about sedation options during your consultation.

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