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Periodontics in Hialeah, FL

Healthy gums help produce healthy-looking smiles, but gum disease can hamper that healthy smile. If you’re like most American adults, you have some form of gum disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one out of every two adults over the age of 30 has gum disease.

Gum disease isn’t just a cosmetic problem though. It’s a leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and it’s linked to significant health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It forces gums to pull away from teeth, allowing bacteria to attack the tooth roots, bones, and soft tissues that hold the tooth in place. As these support structures are weakened by the disease, teeth start to loosen and eventually fall out.

You can often avoid tooth loss with the help of a highly trained gum disease expert, your periodontist in Hialeah. Periodontists are dentists with several years of additional education in the treatment of gum disease as well as dental implant procedures and gum contouring surgery.

We look forward to helping you combat gum disease and its many side effects with help from our gum disease specialists. Call us at (786) 269-2961 to schedule an appointment with our periodontics office.

What Type of Periodontal Services Are Available?

Our periodontist in Hialeah offers a comprehensive list of services. Here’s a short list of some of the specialties of our gum disease expert.

Periodontal disease treatment

The bacteria found in plaque is the true culprit in gum disease. Because plaque is sticky and builds up easily, it can creep into the nooks and crannies of your gums. There, it attacks the soft gum tissue, works its way down to tooth roots and causes damage to the jawbone. To stop this attack on your gums and teeth, a gum disease specialist uses a number of methods to fight its effects, including non-surgical interventions for regenerative procedures.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are often a good choice for replacing a missing tooth. First, a metal post is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Once the bone and post have securely fused together, a crown is snapped onto the post, creating a natural-looking replacement tooth. Bridges and dentures can also be anchored to dental implants. With an implant, you don’t have to worry about the bone loss that usually accompanies tooth loss, and you don’t have to deal with surrounding teeth slipping out of position.

Crown Lengthening

The part of the tooth showing above the gum line is called the crown. Occasionally, a tooth’s crown can break near or at the gum line, preventing dentists from being able to securely attach an artificial crown to the tooth. To create more tooth surface, the periodontist pulls the gums away from the tooth and reshapes the gum to allow more of the natural tooth to show above the gum line. Once the crown lengthening procedure is complete, the dentist can then properly fit a crown on top of the tooth.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Every person is unique, and that’s true for smiles too. For some people, when they smile they show more gum than tooth, and that can be frustrating. Our periodontist can correct that gummy smile with a contouring procedure that takes just a couple of hours for most people. During the procedure, our periodontist will reshape the gum line, creating a more toothsome, attractive smile.

Soft tissue graft/Gum graft

When your gums recede, that recession can leave tooth roots exposed and eventually cause bone loss due to the advancing bacteria and decay. Gum grafting covers those vulnerable tooth roots and helps to restore gum tissue where it is missing. In addition to creating a more appealing smile, the procedure also inhibits additional gum recession and lowers the danger for eventual decay and bone loss.

Oral pathology and oral cancer diagnosis

While oral cancer is increasing, early detection is the key to successful treatment. Our periodontist will take tissue samples to ensure proper diagnosis, then explain the treatments that are available to you.

Sedation may be recommended during your procedure to help keep you calm and relaxed during your treatment. Our periodontist is trained in several sedation methods and can discuss your alternatives during your consultation.

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At Palmetto Center for Dental Specialties, your health is important to us. We can help you regain your oral health by providing expert, compassionate care. We’re looking forward to preparing a detailed treatment plan that suits your individual needs and goals, so call us at (786) 269-2961 today to schedule your consultation for periodontics in Hialeah.

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