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Periodontics in Plantation, FL

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a progressive and chronic disease for about 65 million Americans. It begins with gingivitis, infecting gums and making them appear red or slightly swollen. With gingivitis, when you brush your teeth you may notice some bleeding too. The progression of gingivitis infection can be stopped with treatment by a gum disease specialist.

If the disease isn’t treated early, the infection can become chronic. This chronic inflammation is known as periodontitis, and it can lead to tooth loss. Your periodontist in Plantation is your best source of care once the disease has advanced to the periodontitis stage. Your periodontist is the gum disease expert who can help stop the damaging effects of gum disease.

Periodontal disease is the No. 1 cause of tooth loss in adults in America, but you don’t have to suffer the effects of the disease. We’re here to help. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable periodontist.

What Are Periodontal Treatments?

Periodontal services vary somewhat at each periodontics office, but all seek to treat conditions and diseases affecting your mouth’s soft tissue. Take a look below for typical services you’d find when receiving periodontics in Plantation.

Periodontal disease treatment

Gum disease is fairly common, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a serious risk to your tooth and oral health. A periodontist is a gum disease specialist, trained to diagnose and treat advanced gum disease in a variety of ways. Some treatments work to eliminate the plaque that gathers beneath the gum line, while others help to repair or replace damaged gum tissue. Your periodontist will recommend a course of treatment that fits the severity of your specific gum disease so that you can once again enjoy a happy, healthy smile.

Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant is an effective way to replace a missing tooth, and they can be used to anchor bridges and dentures when more than one tooth is missing. A dental implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone in place of a tooth’s roots. This implant creates a secure base for the natural-looking crown, and it helps to preserve jawbone density and strength. Dental implants also help you maintain your facial structure, prevent premature wrinkling around your mouth, and keep surrounding teeth in their correct positions.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is beneficial for many patients who have excess gum tissue surrounding their teeth. It is especially helpful for patients whose natural tooth has broken or decayed so closely to the gum line that it cannot be securely repaired with a restorative crown. To expose more of the tooth above the gum line, the periodontist recontours the gum tissue and tooth bone. This exposes more of the tooth which can then be fitted with a crown replacement.

Gummy Smile Surgery

When your smile is obscured by gums that cover too much of your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable with your gummy smile. Our periodontist can help restore your confident smile by realigning your gum line. With this recontoured gum, you’ll show more gleaming teeth when you smile.

Soft tissue graft/Gum graft

If gum recession is affecting your oral health, talk to our periodontist about the benefits of gum grafting. During the procedure, our periodontist will use your own tissue to cover exposed tooth roots and graft it in areas where gum tissue has receded. The procedure decreases tooth sensitivity, lowers the risk for additional gum recession and creates a healthier, more attractive smile.

Oral pathology and oral cancer diagnosis

While smokers and alcohol-drinkers are most at risk for oral cancer, a disturbingly large number of new cases are linked to HPV. Our periodontist will help in your diagnosis and treatment, taking tissue samples and reviewing your treatment plan with you.

For many periodontal procedures, sedation can help keep you comfortable while you are undergoing treatment. Feel free to ask about your sedation options, including laughing gas, during your consultation with our periodontist.

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Don’t wait to get help for your gum disease. We can help you avoid some of the long-term effects of periodontitis if we treat your gum disease before it advances. Our team of dental professionals is standing by, ready to help you. Call us today to book your consultation with a periodontist in Plantation.

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