If you’ve lost your teeth due to a traumatic accident, tooth decay or gum disease, dentures can help you get your smile back. Ongoing innovations in dental technology have enabled us to create dentures that look and feel remarkably real. By carefully customizing your replacement teeth to closely conform to your facial curves and features, our specialists will have you laughing, eating, speaking and smiling as good as new in no time. We offer a variety of options depending on your needs and finances, including:

  • Fixed Partial Denture. If you’ve lost some but not all of your original teeth, a fixed partial denture may be the best solution. Also known as a bridge, it is designed to seamlessly fill any unsightly gaps between missing teeth. To help achieve a more stable fit and a more natural appearance, fixed partial dentures are permanently bonded to tooth roots, dental implants or any neighboring teeth. 
  • Immediate Denture. Immediate dentures are inserted as soon as your natural teeth have been removed. They are prepared in advance so they will be ready on the day your teeth are due to be extracted. Having a full set of teeth in place will enable you to continue to chew, speak and smile like normal while protecting your gums and minimizing any bleeding as your mouth begins to heal.
  • Overdenture. An innovative alternative to traditional dentures, overdentures can save you from the potential discomfort, inconvenience or embarrassment that can sometimes arise from having a new set of teeth. Placed over the tops of your existing teeth or dental implants, they won’t come loose or fall out when you speak or eat. While they are designed to fit securely, they are easy to remove, clean and care for.
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