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Smiling and Other Stress Relief for Your Health

You overslept and are late for work! Your family is coming home soon and you have nothing ready for dinner! Or you are getting married, divorced, having a baby or experiencing a loss of a family or friend! Another scenario would be interviewing for the job that you have always wanted! What do these all have in common? They are all examples of stress in our daily life.

Stress can be bad or good in our life, depending on the situation. Stress can prompt us to be our best in difficult situations such as applying for a job, sporting events or other events. Stress can also make our life difficult and can have an impact on our health if not handled properly. Smiling and not letting stress get to you is a good start to dealing with stress. However, it may not be enough. Utilizing some well thought out plans to deal with stress can make living with stress daily manageable.

To learn more about good and bad stress, and how to manage it properly, we have gathered many resources to help you every day. We hope this helps you learn how to embrace stress and make it work for you.

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